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Auditor Training Course

IRATA Auditors were put through their paces during their audit software training course at our 2016 ITEC held in Munich, Germany. The new audit software is to due be introduced early 2017 in order improve Member audit processes and to provide analytical benefits for IRATA Head Office.

Auditors will soon be recording and completing their audits on mobile devices and it is expected that the switch to digital data recording will provide many key benefits including:
IRATA Quality Manger, Dr Sheila Kondaveeti, was particularly complimentary of the new system, stating that she was “delighted with the commitment shown by the Audit team and that the full implementation of the software will be a fundamental step change towards improving the IRATA audit process”.

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ICOP Annex O

The latest revision of Annex O has now been completed and is available for download, this annex covers protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions.

Annex O is intended for rope access managers, rope access safety supervisors and rope access technicians who may be called upon to plan and carry out work in any or all of the environmental conditions covered by this document.

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RAC Mediterranean & Scandinavia

We are delighted to confirm the formation of our Mediterranean and Scandinavian RACs, consisting of our members in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We take this opportunity to wish the Chairs, namely Fernando Pinheiro (Mediterranean) and Nigel Craig (Scandinavia) every success with their efforts to further the growth and sustainability of the IRATA system, within their regions.

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Instructor Examination

The examination to take trainee Instructor to full Instructor status, has been extended from 45 minutes to 4 hours – the exam will remain a multiple choice, closed book test.

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ITEC 2015 - Aberdeen

Our ITEC 2015 was held in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Over the course of the event our committees presented their work undertaken over the past year and their plans for the year ahead.

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Technician Search Feature

We have now installed a Technician Search feature onto our website.

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ITEC 2014 - Rio de Janeiro

Our ITEC 2014 was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the course of the event our committees presented their work undertaken over the past year and their plans for the year ahead. Meetings were held at the Windsor Guanabara conference centre and our Technical Day at the Cidade Do Samba. The event was closed with our AGM and Annual Dinner.

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