Application Step By Step Guide

If you are applying for Membership with us, this guide is designed to show you the IRATA Membership application process.

Decide which membership category you will be applying for. Information on IRATA membership categories can be found here

Complete an online application form, available here

Upon receipt of a completed application form, we will raise an invoice for the preliminary membership application fee of £1,000 (Plus VAT if applicable). This fee covers you for the stage one desktop audit (see Step Two).

You will be sent an audit notification letter in which an Auditor will be appointed to perform a ‘desktop’ audit of your organisation. You will need to provide the auditor with a completed Audit Report (fm-039ENG) and all relevant supporting documentation.

What documents do I need to provide?

When applications are delayed, it’s usually because of incorrect or missing documentation. You’ll need to supply your appointed Auditor with all the documents and procedures that you have referenced in your completed audit report.

Once the desktop audit is completed, your appointed Auditor will inform us of the outcome.

At the Auditor’s discretion, you may be required to undergo further ‘desktop audits’ if the information provided is inadequate or incomplete. These will be rechargeable at cost.

We will raise an invoice for the second stage probationary membership fee of £2,500 (plus VAT if applicable). This will cover you for the cost of the Site Audit (stage two). After your payment is received, you will receive a notification letter appointing our Auditor who will visit your site to perform an audit. You will be provided with the contact details of your appointed Auditor and will need to arrange a mutually agreeable date with them for the audit to take place.

Once the Audit has taken place, you will receive your formal audit report and summary and will be given three months to deal with any resulting Non-Conformances found during the audit. The auditor will provide us with his final report and recommendation(s) once you have supplied acceptable corrective action evidence for any Non-conformances (if required).

This report will be circulated to our Audit Panel for final review.

Congratulations! You are now a Probationary Member of IRATA International. You will receive an appointment letter with instructions and guidance on key areas of your membership benefits and duties. A membership certificate will be dispatched within five working days and an invoice will be issued for your annual membership fee, which is currently £463.50 (plus VAT if applicable). You will be invoiced for this every April.

After a year of being a Probationary Member of IRATA, you will be due an audit to become a Full member of IRATA. We will send you a notification letter providing details of your appointed auditor six months in advance of your audit due date. These audits are rechargeable at cost.

Congratulations! You are now a Full Member of IRATA International. You will be required to undergo a Re-certification audit every three years thereafter. Your annual membership fee will be invoiced annually and you will need to supply us with a completed declaration form every April.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQs page here or contact us at