First IRATA Member in Ghana


We are delighted to announce our first certified member company in Ghana, Southey Contracting Limited, who recently joined our Association.

We contacted Southey Contracting Limited’s Divisional Operations Manager, Rainier Kruisinga, to ask him about Southey Contracting Limited’s experience of becoming an IRATA member company.

What were the main reasons for Southey Contracting Limited to become an IRATA member?

Considering our growth within the Rope Access industry it was only a matter of time that we got affiliated with IRATA, this in conjunction that it has become a requirement for Rope Access Contractors to be IRATA accredited.

What are the main rope access industries in Ghana?

Southey’s main focus for Southey in Ghana has been predominantly offshore where we have long term contracts with the likes of Modec, we do however fulfil requests for onshore Rope Access in the industrial and Mining sectors. However our main focus for Rope Access works remains in the Offshore industry.

How did Southey Contracting Limited find the application process?

Since we have been in the industry for a number of years it did not take us long as we had all our procedures and processes already in place, our Rope Access manager was able to complete the process swiftly.

Has Southey Contracting Limited seen any benefits since becoming an IRATA Member?

We have been able to secure Contracts with the assistance of our IRATA accreditation, it has also helped us in controlling our equipment and improve on our Procedures.

Which countries does Southey Contracting Limited provide services in?

Southey Contracting Limited operates in Ghana and in other areas such as Congo, Angola, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Tanzania, Mozambique.

How did Southey Contracting Limited find out about IRATA and IRATA membership?

This has come up due to industry experience and working with IRATA technicians for many years.

We would like to thank Rainier Kruisinga of Southey Contracting Limited for providing feedback and an extended welcome to Southey Contracting Limited.