‘Stop the Drops’ Video, by Absafe


During IRATA International’s ITEC 2019 in Sydney, Absafe’s Paul Holland gave a presentation titled “Stop the Drops” which captured the attention of attendees, many of whom were astonished by what they witnessed on screen.

The presentation featured a video demonstrating the impact of dropping items commonly used when working at height. The film captures the destruction that can be caused by dropping the following items form a height of 20 meters:

  • m30 Bolt;
  • Steel wedge;
  • Scaffold clamp;
  • Short scaffold tube;
  • Podger spanner; and
  • A crow bar.

The controlled demonstration was witnessed by workers and significantly improved their awareness of the force of impact when dropping items from height.

IRATA Member Absafe have kindly shared this noteworthy video with IRATA International for the benefit of not only IRATA Members and their Technicians, but for the entire work at height sector.

Please take a moment to view this video below:

IRATA International