First IRATA Member in Gran Canaria en


We are delighted to announce our first certified member company in Gran Canaria, Hidramar S.L., recently joined our Association.

We contacted Hidramar S.L.’s Rope Access Technical Authority, Pedro Modesto García Pérez, to ask him about Hidramar S.L.’s experience of becoming an IRATA member company.

What were the main reasons for Hidramar S.L. to become an IRATA member?

The main reason for HIDRAMAR S.L to became an IRATA member was to offer our customers the best services in safety and quality. IRATA is a benchmark in the OIL & GAS industry and so we consider IRATA membership as an advantage for us against our competitors.

What are the main rope access industries in Gran Canaria?

The main Rope Access industry in Gran Canaria is building refurnishing. However, we are a shipyard company specialised in the OIL & GAS industry. Our main operations include rigs and drill ships.

How did Hidramar S.L. find the application process?

We found the application process similar to any other certification body we have obtained in the past, but the IRATA audit process conditioned us to work to the highest standards.

Has Hidramar S.L. seen any benefits since becoming an IRATA Member?

As an IRATA member we can assure that our employees are working under strict standards of safety and this in itself gives us peace of mind.

Which countries does Hidramar S.L. provide services in?

HIDRAMAR provide services all around the world.

How did Hidramar S.L. find out about IRATA and IRATA membership?

We find out about IRATA and IRATA membership because our customers required the certification to assure a successful and safety commitment from us.

We would like to thank Pedro Modesto García Pérez of Hidramar S.L. for providing feedback and an extended welcome to Hidramar S.L.