Celebrating Our First Trainer Member Company in Latvia en 2019-03-19

We are delighted to announce our first member company in Latvia, IQTC Management, who recently joined our Association. The addition of IQTC Management will bring our member companies in the… Read More

Auditor Recruitment - South America and Africa en 2019-03-13

The international demand for industrial rope access services is increasing at pace and to support our regulatory systems, we are recruiting experienced auditors in order to expand our existing audi… Read More

First IRATA Instructor in the Azerbaijan/Caspian Region en 2019-03-13

Anar Goyushov became the first qualified IRATA instructor in the Azerbaijan/Caspian Region. Since getting involved in Rope Access in 2007, Anar has personally benefitted from the IRATA syst… Read More

Rope Sure en 2019-03-08

​IRATA Associate Member, Rope Sure has recently renewed their exclusive arrangement with an ‘A rated’ Lloyds syndicate, to provide insurance solutions to IRATA members. Rope Sure are one of t… Read More

IRATA Training Officer en 2019-03-01

Job Title: Training Officer Responsible to: Training Manager Country & Office Location: Ashford, Kent, Office Based with Remote Working opportunities… Read More

Landmark Parliamentary Report Calls for Enhanced Reporting to Improve Work at Height Culture en 2019-02-28

The IRATA Chairman, Jonathan Capper, and IRATA General Manager, Rodney Marage, attended the Houses of Parliament for the unveiling of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Working at Height (APPG)… Read More

Marketing and Communications Manager en 2019-02-08

Job Title: Marketing & Communications Manager Responsible to: General Manager Country & Office Location: UK, Ashford Head Office Position Sta… Read More


Our IRATA South East and Far East (SEA & FE) Asia RAC meeting 2018 and an Assessor and Instructors’ Workshop was held on 2 November in Banchang, Thailand. The event was kindly hosted by one o… Read More

Reporting Issues with Rope Access Equipment en 2018-12-21

IRATA is not an investigating authority. However, as stated in our Bye-laws, we seek to ‘provide a forum for the free and informal exchange of information ’. IRATA member companies must… Read More

Complaint Judgement – Fraudulent Documentation en 2018-12-20

An IRATA Level 1 Technician presented a fraudulent IRATA certificate to an IRATA member company in an attempt to obtain a logbook replacement.… Read More

Save the date: 2019 ITEC Sydney, Australia en 2018-12-17

We are pleased to confirm that our 2019 IRATA Technical Event and Conference (ITEC), which celebrates IRATA’s 30th year anniversary, will take place from Tuesday, 8th October to Thursday, 10th Oc… Read More

Rope Access for inspection, testing and maintenance of industrial structures en 2018-12-12

​An article by IRATA on ‘Rope Access for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Industrial Structures’ has been published in the December issue of the Journal of Protective Coatings & Lin… Read More

IRATA: A Strategic Choice for the Rail Industry en 2018-12-10

​An article on IRATA is shortly to be published in Rail Professional’s 2019 Industry Reference Book and Supply Chain Directory. Rail Professional is the UK’s market-leading publisher for the… Read More

Health & Safety North Exhibition en 2018-10-12

​On 9th and 10th October 2018, IRATA was present at the Health and Safety North exhibition at EventCity in Manchester, UK, alongside fellow members of the Access Industry Fo… Read More

London Work at Height (2018) Video Release en 2018-10-12

Following the success of this year’s London Work at Height Seminar (LWAHS) 2018, IRATA is pleased to announce that a short promotional video, comprising a compilation of highlights from the days… Read More

The Impact: The Making of IRATA’s Edge and Rope Management Video Follow-up en 2018-10-03

We are excited to announce that following the positive impact of IRATA’s “Edge and Rope Management” safety video, the production of a follow-up film entitled, “The Impact”,… Read More

Complaint Judgement - Dangerous Behaviour en 2018-09-28

An IRATA Technician showed no consideration for the health and safety of his colleagues by acting in an extremely dangerous manner, which led to a serious incident on a work site. The respo… Read More

RAC South Africa achieves accreditation en 2018-09-28

The National Qualifications Framework governs all education and training in South Africa, it is managed by the South African Qualifications Authority. Adult Vocational Training is regulated through… Read More

Work & Safety Analysis(WASA) 2018 en 2018-09-19

​Essential reading for rope access managers, supervisors, training companies and technicians; and insightful information for anyone working in rope access, this year’s Work & Safety Analysi… Read More

ITEC 2018 – Our Best Attended ITEC to Date! en 2018-09-19

The IRATA Technical Event and Conference (ITEC) 2018 and IRATA’s Annual General Meeting were hosted last week in the home town of the IRATA Head Office, which is based in Ashford, Kent, UK.… Read More

ITEC 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony en 2018-09-18

​Our ITEC 2018 Annual Awards ceremony took place prior to dinner at Lympne Castle, with its medieval architecture located in a picturesque setting on the south-east coast of the UK.… Read More

Paul Seddon Retires from IRATA en 2018-08-10

​After many years of exceptional service to the rope access industry, particularly with IRATA, Paul Seddon OBE has unfortunately reached the stage of his planned retirement.… Read More

ITEC 2018 - Ashford en 2018-07-04

Our 2018 ITEC will take place between Monday 10 and Wednesday 12 September at the Ashford International Hotel, Ashford, UK which is based in the home town of IRATA Head Office. ​… Read More

The experts’ opinion on stretching and its relation to muscle injuries en 2018-07-03

​Stretching improves flexibility, which increases the ability of a joint to move through its full range of motion; in other words, how far it can bend, twist and reach.… Read More

Inaugural meeting of the Eastern Europe RAC en 2018-06-29

​The first ever meeting of the Eastern Europe RAC (EERAC) took place on the 22nd of June in Brazov, Romania.… Read More

IRATA member raises money for children’s charity en 2018-05-18

​The British Airways i360 is a moving observation platform situated on Brighton beach on the south coast of the UK. A glass pod designed and built by cable car manufacturer Poma, rises from sea l… Read More

IRATA’s Data Privacy Commitment en 2018-05-14

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new data protection law that takes effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR embodies the privacy principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability.… Read More

London Work at Height Seminar 2018 en 2018-04-20

IRATA International are proud to be holding the 2018 London Work at Height Seminar (LWAHS) 2018 at the prestigious Guildhall, London, with the support of ‘The City of London Corporation’.… Read More

RAMRASS Update en 2018-04-16

The testing of the ‘Rope Access Manager Rope Access Safety Supervisor’ (RAMRASS) ‘eLearning’ platform commenced 16th March 2018.​… Read More

IRATA Safety Bulletins & Topic Sheets en 2018-04-15

Further IRATA Safety Bulletins and topic sheets have been released aimed at raising awareness of hazards within the rope access industry.… Read More

Health and Safety Exhibition en 2018-04-12

​On 10th – 12th April, IRATA were present at the ‘Health and Safety Exhibition’ at the NEC in Birmingham, alongside fellow members of the Access Industry Forum (AIF). The event was very wel… Read More

Assessor Recruitment en 2018-04-09

Due to the growth of the IRATA system throughout the below named RAC regions, we are currently seeking L3 Technicians who would like to apply to become an IRATA Assessor. This is a highly responsib… Read More

Complaint judgement - Fraudulent IRATA training provider en 2018-03-22

A technician raised a complaint regarding a Nigerian based non-IRATA training company claiming to provide certified IRATA training.​… Read More

Complaint judgement - Fraudulent Certificate en 2018-03-14

An IRATA Technician attempted to use fraudulent certificate to obtain work. Upon request to provide proof of his qualifications, the technician presented a copy of the fraudulent certificat… Read More

ICOP Japanese translation en 2018-02-08

We are delighted to announce that our International Code of Practice (ICOP) has been translated in Japanese. We would like to express our gratitude to our Japanese member, Toasu Inc, for undertakin… Read More

ASTACS Brazil, North America, the Middle East and South-East Asia & Far East en 2017-12-22

As part of our Assessor Selection, Training and Certification scheme (ASTACS), the IRATA International Training Manager, Ben Eke, has recently completed an enduring Assessor recruitment programme i… Read More

Complaint Judgement - Assessor Code of Conduct en 2017-12-22

An IRATA Assessor used an email address depicting his association with IRATA to communicate, what the adjudicating panel termed as a “vulgar, threatening, abusive and racially toned email… Read More

IRATA office closure during the holiday season en 2017-12-18

​Please note that the IRATA Head Office will be closed during the holiday festivities from 24 December, 2017 to 1 January, 2018. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all th… Read More

International Occupational Safety and Health Congress - Istanbul - 6th - 7th December 2017 en 2017-12-14

IRATA International was delighted to be invited to present at the inaugural International Occupational Safety and Health Congress (IOSHC) in Istanbul held on 6th and 7th December 2017. The event wa… Read More

Houses of Parliament en 2017-12-13

The IRATA Chairman and Secretary were invited to attend the inaugural ‘All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Working at Height’, held at 1 Parliament Street, Palace Of Westminster, Houses Of… Read More

BS 8610:2017, Personal fall protections equipment - Anchor systems - Specification en 2017-12-01

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has just published BS 8610:2017 Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor systems – Specification… Read More

International Occupational Health and Safety Congress 2017 en 2017-11-17

The IRATA Chairman and General Manager have been invited to present at the inaugural International Occupational Health and Safety Congress (IOHSC) in Istanbul, Turkey. They will provide talks and p… Read More

IRATA Logbook Signatures en 2017-11-15

As a reminder, technicians that are not always able to obtain signatures from an IRATA level 3 should have their hours signed by a person in authority who can verify that the hours are accurate and… Read More

IRATA 2017 ITEC - 23 to 25 October - Cape Town, South Africa en 2017-11-13

​IRATA International’s ITEC 2017 was held in Cape Town, South Africa between 23 - 25 October 2017…… Read More

IRATA Safety Bulletins en 2017-11-10

Further IRATA Safety Bulletins have been released aimed at raising awareness of hazards within the rope access industry. Safety Bulletin No. 44: Rope access main rope failure… Read More

Annex P - Edge Management en 2017-11-10

Following the release of the ICOP Annex P edge management poster in November 2016, we are pleased to announce that a further two posters have been translated into other languages by our member comp… Read More

Amendments to Annex O: Protecting Rope Access Technicians Against Environmental Conditions en 2017-11-10

Please be aware that amendments to Annex O: ‘Protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions’ have now been incorporated within the ICOP which can be downloaded from our web… Read More

Complaint Judgement - Fraudulent Logbook Hours en 2017-11-09

A Level 1 Technician admitted allowing a Level 3 Technician to enter fraudulent hours into his logbook, thereby breaching the following provisions of TACS.… Read More

Complaint Judgement - Fraudulent Logbook Hours en 2017-11-02

Level 3 Technician admitted knowingly entering fraudulent hours into a Level 1 Technician’s logbook, thereby breaching the following provisions of TACS… Read More

ITEC 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony en 2017-11-02

Our Annual Awards took place at a unique African restaurant in the heart of Cape Town. We were honored to have Mrs. Deborah Burnett as an invited guest to receive the Awards on behalf of her late h… Read More

2017-19 Committee Election Results en 2017-10-30

Our Committee Election results were announced at our Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, 25 October 2017. We have now updated our Key Personnel page… Read More

Rope-Sure launches monthly liability insurance policy for the rope access industry en 2017-09-11

Rope-Sure, the insurance brand established to provide specialist policies to members of IRATA International, has released an updated product along with a revised web site (… Read More

IRATA International Chairman Appointment en 2017-09-08

We are delighted to announce that, on 7th August 2017, Jonathan Capper was appointed by the Executive Committee to the esteemed position of IRATA Chairman, until the forthcoming elections in Octobe… Read More

IRATA International 2017 Committee Elections en 2017-09-06

Our biennial committee elections will commence Friday 22 September and run until Thursday 12 October.… Read More

IRATA International 2017 Annual Awards en 2017-09-06

Our ITEC is fast approaching and we have invited all of our members to nominate their candidates for our annual awards… Read More

Edge Management Video en 2017-09-01

If you have not seen our Edge Management Video please take a moment to now!… Read More

Assessor Selection, Training and Certification Scheme (ASTACS) en 2017-08-28

Independent and objective assessment of candidates, who have completed an IRATA rope access training course, is a fundamental part of the IRATA certification scheme. It is important that we set hig… Read More

ICOP ANNEX O en 2017-08-01

Annex O – ‘Protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions’ has been updated. The text affected by this update can be viewed within the Annex O ‘contents page’… Read More

IRATA SEA & Far East RAC – China 2017 en 2017-07-15

Our first, IRATA SEA and Far East RAC Meeting and Technical Workshop for 2017 was held in Tianjin, China, which was kindly hosted by our local member, Shenzhen Fairness, who form part of the Fairne… Read More

London Work at Height Seminar 2017 en 2017-07-13

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural London Work at Height Seminar, this year’s event took place on 10th July, and was once again held in the prestigious venue of London’s Guildha… Read More

Graham Burnett: 22 March 1958 - 29 June 2017 en 2017-07-07

On the morning of Friday 30th June, we received the devastating news that our Chairman, Graham Burnett, sadly passed away on Thursday 29th June. In order to allow Graham’s family time to share th… Read More

Replacement Document Form en 2017-07-01

As of 1st July 2017, the Replacement Document Request Form became interactive and can now be submitted through our website. This makes it easier and more convenient for Technicians to order lost or… Read More

IRATA Represented on Standards Committees en 2017-06-02

As well as helping to run the global organisation that is IRATA, and speaking on behalf of rope access throughout the world, many of our representatives are also involved in important national and… Read More

UK Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Cards en 2017-06-01

We are delighted to announce that after lengthy discussions and exchanges with the office of the ‘Construction Skills Certification Scheme’ (CSCS), an agency of the CITB, we have managed to get… Read More

RAMRASS en 2017-05-29

IRATA are committed to evaluating the industrial rope access profession. This includes continually reviewing and enhancing our syllabus and assessments and the support we offer members and technici… Read More

IRATA presents at the Drops Forum en 2017-05-26

IRATA’s Health, Safety & Technical Advisor, David Thomas, was delighted to be invited to give a presentation at the DROPS Forum on 27th April held in Aberdeen. Following David’s presentatio… Read More

ISO17024 Accreditation en 2017-05-16

​ISO/IEC 17024 provides a global benchmark for personnel certification programmes to ensure that they operate in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner worldwide, thereby allowing individua… Read More

Edge Management Safety Video en 2017-05-12

Following on from the success of the Edge Management poster (as found here: provide hyperlink to poster) the team at IRATA have been busy creating a safety awareness video aimed at furthering the s… Read More

ITEC 2017 Cape Town en 2017-05-05

Our 2017 ITEC will take place between 23 and 25 October 2017, in Cape Town, South Africa. We are currently finalising the programme of events and will provide full details as soon all details are c… Read More

Instructor Revalidation en 2017-03-03

IRATA Instructors are now able to revalidate their Instructor status for 2017/18.… Read More

Assessor Selection, Training & Certification Scheme en 2017-01-22

​IRATA International (IRATA) are pleased to announce that our new Assessor Selection, Training & Certification Scheme document, has now received approval from the IRATA Executive Commi… Read More

Annex P - Edge Management en 2016-11-11

The IRATA Edge management poster is an excellent reference tool for Technicians when considering rope protection and edge management methods. Technicians should always ensure precautions ar… Read More

ITEC 2016 - Munich en 2016-11-03

Our ITEC 2016 was held in the Bavarian Capital – Munich City, Germany. Over the course of the event, we hosted our Committee meetings, Technical day in the picturesque mountain town Bad Tölz, pr… Read More

Auditor Training Course en 2016-11-01

IRATA Auditors were put through their paces during their audit software training course at our 2016 ITEC held in Munich, Germany. The new audit software is to due be introduced early 2017 in order… Read More

ICOP Annex O en 2016-09-01

The latest revision of Annex O has now been completed and is available for download, this annex covers protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions. Annex O is intend… Read More

RAC Mediterranean & Scandinavia en 2016-06-01

We are delighted to confirm the formation of our Mediterranean and Scandinavian RACs, consisting of our members in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We take this opportuni… Read More

Instructor Examination en 2016-01-29

The examination to take trainee Instructor to full Instructor status, has been extended from 45 minutes to 4 hours – the exam will remain a multiple choice, closed book test.… Read More

ITEC 2015 - Aberdeen en 2015-10-31

Our ITEC 2015 was held in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Over the course of the event our committees presented their work undertaken over the past year and their plans for the year ahead.… Read More

Technician Search Feature en 2015-07-31

We have now installed a Technician Search feature onto our website.… Read More

ITEC 2014 - Rio de Janeiro en 2014-10-31

Our ITEC 2014 was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the course of the event our committees presented their work undertaken over the past year and their plans for the year ahead. Meetings were he… Read More