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Complaint Judgement - Dangerous Behaviour en

An IRATA Technician showed no consideration for the health and safety of his colleagues by acting in an extremely dangerous manner, which led to a serious incident on a work site.

The respondent made the decision to drop his kit bag from a height of approximately 25 meters in a brazen attempt to land it on the back of a utility vehicle in which he and his colleagues were travelling. Regrettably, the bag did not land on the tray of the utility vehicle, but on the cab in which four other rope access technicians were sitting, waiting for the respondent to retrieve his kit. As a result of this act, one of the technicians sustained a back and neck injury.

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RAC South Africa achieves accreditation en

The National Qualifications Framework governs all education and training in South Africa, it is managed by the South African Qualifications Authority. Adult Vocational Training is regulated through accredited quality assurance functionaries grouped into industry sectors. The local work at height standards are housed within the Service Seta. ​

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Work & Safety Analysis(WASA) 2018 en

​Essential reading for rope access managers, supervisors, training companies and technicians; and insightful information for anyone working in rope access, this year’s Work & Safety Analysis (WASA) is now available for free download

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ITEC 2018 – Our Best Attended ITEC to Date! en

The IRATA Technical Event and Conference (ITEC) 2018 and IRATA’s Annual General Meeting were hosted last week in the home town of the IRATA Head Office, which is based in Ashford, Kent, UK.

We were delighted to welcome over 300 of our members’ representatives to this year’s event, many of whom had travelled from around the world to participate, creating a true representation of our international community.

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ITEC 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony en

​Our ITEC 2018 Annual Awards ceremony took place prior to dinner at Lympne Castle, with its medieval architecture located in a picturesque setting on the south-east coast of the UK.

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