Logbook Signing en


IRATA rope access Technicians are reminded to follow an IRATA logbook (signing) policy at all times. The logbook signing requirements can be summarised as follows:


Rope access Technicians are required to complete their logbooks with all the required information prior to presenting it for verification signatures. This means that all relevant fields are completed prior to presenting the logbook for signature.

As owners of the logbook, Technicians are responsible for the content and must ensure that all entries are correct. Logbook signatures should only be obtained from Level 3 technicians who were directly involved in supervision of the rope access activities undertaken or from other authorised signatories (e.g. IRATA member company, rope access project manager and/or director) who can provide verification with certainty.


Level 3 rope access Technicians and other relevant authorised signatories must ensure that, prior to signing a logbook, all required fields have been correctly completed and there is no information missing.

In the event that the logbook entries do not meet the above criteria, the logbook signatory is required to decline the verification of an entry until all logbook fields are duly completed.

Under no circumstances should incomplete and/or empty logbook entries be signed.


Once the logbook entries have been signed by an authorised signatory, logbook owners must not make any alterations to the signed entries. In cases where a signed logbook entry requires amendment, please contact IRATA for advice.

Misuse of Technician logbooks is considered a serious offence, and is harmful to the integrity of our industry.

If ever in doubt about who is authorised to sign your logbook, please contact IRATA at [email protected].