First IRATA Member in Côte d’Ivoire en


We are delighted to announce our first certified member company in Côte d’Ivoire, Global Energy Ventures, who recently joined our Association.

We contacted Global Energy Ventures CEO, Ben Stanley, to ask him about Global Energy Ventures’ experience of becoming an IRATA member company.

What were the main reasons for Global Energy Ventures to become an IRATA member?

Global Energy Ventures have been working in Cote d’Ivoire since 2005 and greatly value independent industry accreditations as they act as a huge differentiator when bidding for competitive tenders. Achieving Operator status with IRATA is a significant milestone in the company’s development and along with having local Ivorian IRATA certified Rope Access inspectors, completes the value proposition for our clients. We deliver a fully accredited IRATA approved service, reassuring clients that they get the best services, delivered safely and locally in West Africa, using the best native talent at the most competitive rates.

How did Global Energy Ventures find the application process?

The application process ran efficiently and the milestones and objectives were clear. The onsite audit was very thorough which is reassuring for clients and applicants that no stone is left unturned.

Has Global Energy Ventures seen any benefits since becoming an IRATA Member?

Our clients have noted and appreciate that we have taken the effort to get IRATA accreditation as an Operator. Being the only IRATA accredited Operator in Cote d’Ivoire proves that we are committed to delivering services according to the highest standards in the industry.

Which countries does Global Energy Ventures provide services in?

The Global Energy Ventures Group also provides services to the oil and gas industry in Ghana and are planning to enter Mauritania and Senegal with these services later this year.

How did Global Energy Ventures find out about IRATA and IRATA membership?

IRATA is known all over the oil and gas industry and is the defacto standard defining safety which is vital in our industry.

We would like to thank Ben Stanley of Global Energy Ventures for providing feedback and an extended welcome to Global Energy Ventures.