The long-awaited draft of EN 12841 is now available for public consultation.

EN 12841 “Personal fall protection equipment - Rope access systems - Rope adjustment devices” is an important standard for the rope access industry, applying to rope adjustment devices intended for use in rope access systems.

It specifies the requirements, test methods, marking and manufacturer’s instructions and information for three types of devices split into:

  • Type A – safety line adjustment device, commonly known as a backup device;
  • Type B – working line ascender;
  • Type C – working line descender.

This draft is a revision of the 2006 version of the standard with numerous changes. For those who may be unfamiliar with the document, Appendix B provides a background and rationale regarding the changes between this document and the 2006 version, and Appendix C notes the significant changes between this document and the 2006 version.

We recommend that all members review the draft and provide any comments using the BSI commenting system, as can be found in the link below. All comments submitted shall be addressed by the committee responsible for the draft of this document.

The draft of EN 12841 can be found here (link opens in a new window):

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to register to view and comment on the draft.

The deadline for providing comment is the 26th October 2020.