Amendments to Annex O: Protecting Rope Access Technicians Against Environmental Conditions en


Please be aware that amendments to Annex O: ‘Protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions’ have now been incorporated within the ICOP which can be downloaded from our website here: ICOP September 2016.pdf.

The amendments are largely editorial although they do include some minor changes to the text. For example, text has been added which refers to the effects of a strong gale on land within table O.2.1. We trust that our members will find this latest version of the ICOP to be of assistance whilst planning a safe system of work for all technicians working within arduous environmental conditions as part of their rope access operations.

The new version remains within the ICOP Part 1 and Part 2 document dated 1st July 2014. However, Annex O is now dated 1st August 2017, as can be seen within the title page.