Complaint Judgement - Fraudulent Logbook Hours en


A Level 1 Technician admitted allowing a Level 3 Technician to enter fraudulent hours into his logbook, thereby breaching the following provisions of TACS:

4.14.5 ‘An accurate reflection of the time spent directly engaged in rope access activities shall be recorded’; and

4.13.12 Proven fraudulent misuse or alteration of an IRATA International logbook shall result in the suspension or withdrawal of the rope access Technician’s IRATA International certification.

The respondent admitted carrying out the alleged infringement and was sanctioned in accordance with the IRATA Standard Penalty Document (Form 100) G1 ‘Forging or falsifying certificates, assessment forms and/or ID cards Logbook hours (illegally modifying an existing entry or adding false hours) or L3 signature’ which holds the penalty, as a first offence, of three years’ removal of IRATA certification.

The respondent appealed the original judgment and on appeal received a reviewed sanction of revalidation to Level 1 within 60 days.