IRATA SEA & Far East RAC – China 2017 en


Our first, IRATA SEA and Far East RAC Meeting and Technical Workshop for 2017 was held in Tianjin, China, which was kindly hosted by our local member, Shenzhen Fairness, who form part of the Fairness Group.

This was new ground for our local RAC with it being the first time we have managed to have such an event in mainland China and with an unprecedented success and an overwhelming attendance of over 100 attendees. With a large percentage of our audience made up from our distinguished guests who came from various industry sectors within mainland China i.e. ;Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, heavy industry, shipyards as well as government and HSE officials from various government organisations and last but not least we had, once again, great support from our local members and assessors.

To kick-off, our RAC Meeting was held at Ruiwan New Century Hotel, which commenced with a formal introduction from both the SEA & Far East Chair and Vice-Chair, followed by a few short presentations presented by the CEO of the Fairness Group and our distinguished guests, who all very encouragingly expressed their delight and support for our local RAC coming to mainland China and to IRATA International. Given the day’s full and very busy event to a full-house, the entire morning was taken covering our informative agenda. This was well received by the audience with several raised questions and group discussions.

After a well receive lunch at the hotel, we all made our way to the hosting company’s rope access training facility for the Technical Workshop, which was conducted by our SEA & Far East Vice-Chair, following our association’s agenda. For the benefit of the distinguished guests, we had taken the opportunity to demonstrate a few manoeuvres followed by a basic snatch rescue, which once again was well received by all the attendees.

With the very kind hospitality of the hosting company, they had invited all attendees to a pre-arranged, sit-down meal back at the hotel, which was a lovely gesture that was acknowledged by all attendees.

All in all, this was a tremendous successful event, demonstrating once again the full support from the region and on behalf of the SEA & Far East Chair and Vice-Chair, we would like to express our gratitude to both our hosting company and all attendees.

Well done!