IRATA International 2017 Annual Awards en

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As a not for profit organisation, we rely on volunteer support to direct our committee work and to expand our body of knowledge. Our volunteers afford much of their time to the work we do, free of cost, and without their valuable contribution of industry expertise, our operating costs would be far higher; and outputs far less. It is therefore important that we recognise their efforts and show appreciation for the work that they do. In addition to this, those who have contributed to the furtherance of rope access, over several years, and who have brought innovative ideas to our industry should also be recognised.​

Our ITEC is fast approaching and we have invited all of our members to nominate their candidates for the following categories of award:

  • IRATA International Volunteer of the Year.
  • Long-Standing Contribution to Rope Access.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Rope Access.

Nomination Guide

IRATA International Volunteer of the Year

An award in recognition of the hard work that our voluntary committee members undertake for the benefit of members and the rope access community.

Long-standing Contribution to Rope Access


breadth of work;
individual contribution to rope access;
publications (articles, etc.);
originality of contribution; or
voluntary IRATA Committee work.

Outstanding Achievement in Rope Access


project completion;
geographical expansion of rope access;
introduction of new industries to rope access
leadership in field;
notable achievements in rope access
publications (articles, etc.); or
technical development

Please take a few moments to register your nominations, which will encourage those who support our organisation and industry to continue doing so.

Congratulations to all of our nominees and good luck!