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As part of our Assessor Selection, Training and Certification scheme (ASTACS), the IRATA International Training Manager, Ben Eke, has recently completed an enduring Assessor recruitment programme in regions where IRATA Assessors are most urgently required, being: Brazil, North America, the Middle East , and South-East Asia & Far East.

Ben found the task challenging, but stated that “the experience provided him with opportunity to share his real-world experiences as an Assessor, train candidates to the required standard and receive candidate feedback about the newly introduced ASTACS”. ASTACS candidates are required to demonstrate adeptness in providing objective opinion on a candidate’s knowledge of the TACS and their performance of the required techniques. Candidates are also required to:

  • meet the pre-requisite requirements;
  • attend an interview;
  • pass an online exam;
  • pass a one day practical and theory skills assessment;
  • undergo 4-days’ training;
  • pass a 1-day assessment performing the role of an IRATA Assessor and;
  • complete a minimum of 3 successful shadow assessments with IRATA Assessors, under three different Assessors.

Assessor recruitment programme dates and locations are determined by objective needs analysis. Ensure you read our newsletter and communications sent to eligible candidates inviting applications.

We would like to thank IRATA Assessors: Leigh Greenwood, Peter Wood and Daniel Rodgers for co-delivering ASTACS in the various regions. We would also like to thank our Training Members: High Q Japan, Altius, TRAKS PRO India, SM Corp and Alpix for supplying their venue to host ASTACS. The IRATA Training Manager would also like to thank all those Assessors that have conducted shadow assessments of the ASTACS candidates.

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