Unofficial rope access training websites en


We are receiving many enquiries about the validity of unofficial websites and Uniform Resource Locators (URL) that are offering rope access training or pointing to websites that offer unofficial rope access training. In many cases, this is resulting in training candidates being misled into paying large sums of money for training that is not recognised by IRATA, FISAT, SOFT or ANETVA.

To help safeguard against these attempts to mislead candidates, the leading European based rope access training providers have combined forces to inform their candidates seeking rope access training to be aware of the information provided on these unofficial platforms.


If you are seeking official IRATA, FISAT, SOFT or ANETVA rope access training, only use the following websites to verify that the organisation offering you rope access training, is an official training provider:

IRATA www.irata.org
FISAT www.fisat.de
SOFT www.ttsoft.no
ANETVA www.anetva.org


If you locate any domains or organisations that are offering unofficial IRATA, FISAT, SOFT or ANETVA rope access training, please report this to the appropriate organisation.

Thank you for your co-operation.

IRATA, FISAT, SOFT and ANETVA working together for the benefit of the rope access community.