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Reporting Issues with Rope Access Equipment en

IRATA is not an investigating authority. However, as stated in our Bye-laws, we seek to ‘provide a forum for the free and informal exchange of information ’. IRATA member companies must report all accidents and incidents to IRATA within seven days of the event. If an accident is ‘Over-7-days’ (i.e. injury results in 7-days or more away from work) it must be reported to IRATA immediately thereafter. IRATA members are also expected to report their concerns regarding potential issues with rope access equipment. These measures enable an exchange of crucial information that serves the best interest of all members, with the purpose of protecting our health and safety.

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Complaint Judgement – Fraudulent Documentation en

An IRATA Level 1 Technician presented a fraudulent IRATA certificate to an IRATA member company in an attempt to obtain a logbook replacement.

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Save the date: 2019 ITEC Sydney, Australia en

We are pleased to confirm that our 2019 IRATA Technical Event and Conference (ITEC), which celebrates IRATA’s 30th year anniversary, will take place from Tuesday, 8th October to Thursday, 10th October 2019

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Rope Access for inspection, testing and maintenance of industrial structures en

​An article by IRATA on ‘Rope Access for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Industrial Structures’ has been published in the December issue of the Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings (JPCL).

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IRATA: A Strategic Choice for the Rail Industry en

​An article on IRATA is shortly to be published in Rail Professional’s 2019 Industry Reference Book and Supply Chain Directory. Rail Professional is the UK’s market-leading publisher for the rail sector. The directory is designed as a reference point for all senior professionals working in the rail industry, providing indispensable information for anyone who has to take on the challenges of the modern rail world.

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