IRATA Certification Update en


IRATA International have updated their signatory shown on IRATA certificates. All new IRATA certificates will be issued with the new signatory, Dr S Kondaveeti (Head of Quality, Audit and Certification) with effect from 24/01/2022. Please see the examples below:

Previous Technician Certificate
(Pre 24/01/2022)

New Technician Certificate
(From 24/01/2022)

Previous Membership Certificate
(Pre 24/01/2022)

New Membership Certificate
(From 24/01/2022)

In-date certification issued under the previous signatory will remain valid until the expiry of the certificate and there is no need for replacement. Please continue to verify the validity of Technician certificates by following our guide here.

If you believe you have discovered fraudulent technician documents or you are unsure about the validity of an IRATA technician’s certification, please contact [email protected] providing full details.

IRATA International