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IRATA are committed to evaluating the industrial rope access profession. This includes continually reviewing and enhancing our syllabus and assessments and the support we offer members and technicians. A course specifically designed to provide technicians and rope access managers with effective rope access specific supervisory and management skills is planned to be launched in 2018. Here we provide some insight into our Rope Access Manager/Rope Access Safety Supervisor course (aka RAMRASS).


When work is to be carried out at height, good management and supervision are essential to ensure a safe system of work. Rope access worksites, therefore, should be properly managed and supervised to ensure the safety and health of those involved in the rope access project.

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Assessor Selection, Training & Certification Scheme en

IRATA International (IRATA) are pleased to announce that our new Assessor Selection, Training & Certification Scheme document, has now received approval from the IRATA Executive Committee.

IRATA appoints Assessors to provide independent and objective assessment of candidates who have completed an IRATA rope access training course. The competence of persons engaged in industrial rope access activities is a fundamental component of IRATA’s rope access system. It is paramount that the Association uses its best endeavours to maintain high standards and therefore, selects the most competent individuals for the role of Assessor.

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ICOP Annex O en

The latest revision of Annex O has now been completed and is available for download, this annex covers protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions.

Annex O is intended for rope access managers, rope access safety supervisors and rope access technicians who may be called upon to plan and carry out work in any or all of the environmental conditions covered by this document.

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Technician Search Feature en

We have now installed a Technician Search feature onto our website.

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