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IRATA International (IRATA) are pleased to announce that our ‘Assessor Selection, Training & Certification Scheme’ (ASTACS) document, has now received full approval from the IRATA Executive Committee.

IRATA appoints Assessors to provide independent and objective assessment of candidates who have completed an IRATA rope access training course. The competence of persons engaged in industrial rope access activities is a fundamental component of IRATA’s rope access system. It is paramount that IRATA uses its best endeavours to maintain high standards and therefore, selects the most competent individuals for the role of Assessor.

ASTACS serves to define the selection, training and assessment criteria required to maintain and test the competence of candidates aspiring to become certified as IRATA Assessors. The overarching aim is to provide a standard of proficiency, consistency and quality for the IRATA rope access technician certification scheme.

Assessors provide independent assessment that is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge, practical skill level and application of the Training Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS). Assessors are required to demonstrate adeptness in providing their impartial opinion on a candidate’s knowledge of the TACS and practical demonstration of the required techniques. IRATA regards its Assessors as key representatives of the Association and expects professional behaviour and objectivity to be fully observed whilst carrying out IRATA assessments or transacting with IRATA member companies, with a view to carrying out assessments for that member company.

Candidates applying to qualify as an IRATA Assessor are required to successfully complete training and assessment as detailed throughout this document.

The ASTACS document details the requirements for selection of aspirant IRATA Assessors, their training and eventual certification (the scheme); it offers guidance to assist with the implementation of the process.

It provides:

a) The pre-qualifications required for IRATA Assessor applicants (candidates);

b) the process of selection, training and the assessment criteria required to attain IRATA Assessor status;

c) guidance for candidates, including pre-training requirements and topics covered; and

d) requirements and guidance for IRATA course facilitators and course Assessors, including the marking process.

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