Types of Membership

Types of member companies of IRATA International.

Probationary Membership

Applicants who have undergone successful audit to become Operator and/or Trainer Members will be appointed on a probationary basis. Full membership can be granted after a minimum of one year as a Probationary Member.

Full Membership

Full membership is available to Operator and/ or Trainer member companies that have met the following requirements:

  • Have completed one year as a probationary member in the category of the full membership required.
  • Have passed a full IRATA audit in the appropriate membership category(s).

Membership Categories

Operator Member

Companies directly engaged in operations utilising industrial rope access techniques (other than training).

Trainer Member

Companies engaged in training personnel in all techniques of industrial rope access.

Other Membership Types

Associate Membership

Equipment manufacturers and suppliers of other services e.g. insurance companies and architects. This type of membership does not require an audit and is renewable annually.