The Natural Environment

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Photo by Viuna

Cliffs and high rocks are rarely in a position where semi-permanent access can be employed. Natural wear and tear, the sea and weather erosion can present problems that must be addressed.

IRATA companies have worked on many large-scale sites in several continents where the stabilisation work undertaken has preserved cherished historic views, maintained roadways and even kept substantial land masses from being lost forever. The sports and tourist industry, which is sometimes more ready than other industries to support rope access methodology, have benefited significantly from their willingness to explore rope access solutions.

Long established road and rail embankments works are seldom completed without the use of rope access. Clearing rock for road widening is often a task attributed to IRATA teams. Amongst the large-scale work undertaken by IRATA rope access teams in the natural environment are

  • The Rock of Gibraltar
  • The Island of St Helena
  • Chapman’s Peak in South Africa