Shipping & Harbours

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Photo by AV Offshore

Harbours are often where large constructions projects are undertaken to support the offshore sector and IRATA rope access is widely used for works on derricks and similar creations. Rope access can often be seen in use on large ships whilst they are in harbour.

Painting and inspection work can be carried out above the water line whilst the vessel is in port and even between tides if this is a factor. Additionally, the inspection and repair of deep locks can also be undertaken in short time, thus minimising the time such a facility is out of commission.

Industrial rope access is at home on unusual structures and can achieve set-up and dismantling times that no other means of access can rival. It is for these reasons that IRATA companies can often be found undertaking inspection and maintenance work in the great ports of the world where an access structure, that prevents use of a crane or similar equipment, can be very obstructive and disruptive.

Because of its swift set-up and dismantle times, work can often be undertaken by rope access means in a time scale that avoids any disruption to the normal work carried out at the worksite.