Make a complaint

If you want to make a complaint against an IRATA Member, Technician, Auditor, Assessor or IRATA affiliate, either because you are concerned that they have acted unprofessionally, or are in breach of IRATA’s requirements, then you can make a complaint by clicking on the link below:

Make a complaint

All complaints and associated correspondence must be provided in the English language, any evidence submitted in other languages must be provided with an English translation.

Complaints may also be made in writing and addressed to IRATA International, First Floor, Unit 3, Eurogate Business Park, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8XW, UK.

The IRATA complaints process is unable to determine fee disputes, cannot decide contractual matters, and is not an alternative to the courts.

For more information on IRATA’s complaints procedure, click here.


You will need to provide a clear summary of the complaint. The information provided should be limited to the facts of the case and the details required for it to be understood by parties who have no previous knowledge of it. You should include any action taken to date and the outcome. All possible evidence should be provided at the time of the initial report.

Please be aware that in the course of compiling evidence the complaint may receive wider circulation and this may include the person or company that is the subject of the complaint.

We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and allocate a case reference number. Please allow IRATA reasonable time to deal with the matter and be aware that some circumstances may be beyond IRATA’s control.

Independent Review

Once a decision has been taken to proceed, IRATA will inform the subject of the complaint about the allegations and request their response within 14 days. This period may be extended if there is reasonable cause to do so.

The case evidence will be reviewed by a complaints panel. The outcome of the panel’s decision will be communicated to the complainant and the subject of the complaint. Any direct or indirect lobbying of panel members will render the complaint null and void.


It should be noted that IRATA International will contact the subject of the complaint, providing details of the allegation(s). Applying restrictions to the disclosure of evidence may result in the complaint not proceeding or being upheld.

No confidential information relating to complaints will be disclosed to a third party without consent or some other lawful authority to do so.

Taking Your Complaint Further

If you are not satisfied with the response you have received, you may appeal the outcome of the complaint within 21 days of receiving the response.

It will be necessary for you to write to the IRATA Complaint Department to appeal the decision and state clearly the specific grounds you are choosing to dispute. It is important that you identify clear reasons why you believe an appeal is justified.

The appeal will be dealt with by a separate independent panel that will not include any members of the original complaints panel. Any direct or indirect lobbying of panel members will render the appeal null and void.