Technician Logbooks en



As stated in TACS [TC-101] clause 4.13.7:

‘Hours accrued whilst being trained in rope access should be logged, but do not count towards the working hours required to upgrade.’

In order to ensure that there is no confusion between working hours and training hours, please ensure that the hours accrued while being trained in rope access are logged in the Training Section of the logbook.


It has been brought to our attention that some Technicians are arriving to training courses without their logbooks. Please be aware that as per TACS [TC-101] clause 4.3.4:

‘Rope access Technicians who are upgrading or revalidating shall provide their logbooks to the IRATA International trainer member company at the start of the training course.’

As such, Technicians who lose their logbook should refer to TACS [TC-101] clause 4.13.11 which states:

‘If any rope access Technician loses their logbook, they should replace it immediately and, where possible, obtain references for the hours they have lost. Where lost hours are required to move up a level, e.g. Level 1 to Level 2, the candidate shall obtain credible references to verify the hours they have lost. Maintaining a scanned copy can guard against such problems.’

Please take precautions to ensure that you do not lose the logbook hours you have worked so hard to get!