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TACS update

Shortly we will be releasing the updated version of the Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS) which incorporates all training and administrative policy amendments to date. A notable inclusion in the latest revision of TACS, is the requirement for training candidates to be shown the ‘IRATA Edge Management Video’ during training.

TACS Full Review

In an effort to ensure IRATA training standards are of the highest quality, the IRATA International Training Department is currently undertaking a full review of the TACS syllabus. We have recently invited our Members to provide feedback regarding each aspect of the IRATA level 1 and 2 syllabus, and are currently in the process of designing a survey, which will invite feedback on our current level 3 training syllabus.

Training Department Expansion

It is recognised that, due to the dynamic nature and expanding application of the IRATA rope access system, we must continually review our training provisions. This will help to ensure that we are meeting the growing demands of industry.

In order to cope with the additional departmental workload, and to aid the soonest delivery of new training products, we are actively expanding our Training Department, under the management of the IRATA Training Manager Ben Eke.

Please contact [email protected] in the event of any queries.

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