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IRATA periodically issue safety publications which include ‘Safety Bulletins’, ‘Topic Sheets’, ‘Serious Incident Briefings’ and other occasional urgent safety communications, these are explained in more detail below:

Safety bulletins

Safety bulletins are prepared periodically based on the analysis of safety data and information submitted by IRATA members.

Topic sheets

These are aimed at raising awareness of hazards in the rope access industry and focus on trends identified through the IRATA Work And Safety Analysis (WASA) reports. They are written in a less formal way than the ICOP and TACS and this series may be useful for toolbox talks.

Serious incident briefings

These briefings provide feedback on ‘serious incidents’ (i.e. a fatality, major injury or a reportable incident) and may include both IRATA member and non-member incidents relevant to the rope access industry. These are only available to IRATA Members with access to the ‘IRATA Dashboard’.

IRATA member companies are required to disseminate rope access related safety information to their staff and worksites and keep records of these activities which will be sampled during the course of an IRATA audit. As such, Member companies should be able to provide evidence of dissemination of safety information to their staff and worksites and have records of its distribution and receipt and provide justification for any IRATA safety publications that it chooses not to disseminate.

IRATA safety communications are available at www.irata.org/publications.

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