IRATA Computer-based testing en


IRATA have partnered with the IT service provider who pioneered the computer-based testing industry for decades. The organisation deliver more than 15 million certification and licensure exams annually in every industry from academia and admissions to IT and healthcare. They are the global leaders in developing and delivering high-stakes exams via the world’s most comprehensive network of nearly 20,000 secure test centres in 180 countries. Their leadership in the assessment industry is a result of their collaborative partnerships with a broad range of clients, from leading technology firms to government and regulatory agencies of which are now one.

IRATA will launch their suite of computer-based tests commencing with their ‘Assessor Continued Professional Development (CPD) Test’, ‘Instructor Exam’, and ‘Assessor Selection Training Assessment and Certification Scheme (ASTACS) Exam’ in September 2019. Eventually IRATA will deliver all exams through their computer-based assessment partner, and all stakeholders will be notified well in advanced of this step change.