Instructor Revalidation en


IRATA Instructors are now able to re-validate their Instructor status for 2017/18.

In order to successfully re-validate their status, candidates are required to fulfil the following requirements, as per TACs:

8.7 Maintaining Instructor status

8.7.1 IRATA Level 3 Instructors shall meet the requirements of an IRATA Level 3 as listed in 3.1.3.In addition, IRATA Instructor status shall be revalidated annually. Instructors wishing to maintain their status shall:

  1. train a minimum of six successful candidates between revalidations;
  2. attend a minimum of one Instructor/Assessor workshop per year;
  3. maintain an up-to-date record of the requirements of 8.7.1 a) and 8.7.1 b) in their Instructor logbook;

  4. complete IRATA form 068, IRATA Instructor revalidation, and return it to the IRATA office. A fee is charged in line with the published IRATA price list.

8.7.2 If the requirements of 8.7.1 are not met annually, the Instructor shall automatically revert to Trainee Instructor status until these requirements are met.

Form 068 can be found here

To submit your revalidation form, please contact: [email protected]