Complaint Judgement – Fraudulent Documentation en


An IRATA Level 1 Technician presented a fraudulent IRATA certificate to an IRATA member company in an attempt to obtain a logbook replacement.

Upon verification of the technician’s identity in the IRATA Online System by the member company, it was found that the submitted certification bore a different IRATA number to the number recorded on the technician’s IRATA profile.

The technician claimed to have obtained the fraudulent certification using social media channels, claiming to believe that the documents in question were in fact genuine.

The adjudicating panel made the following determination:

“Although the respondent claims he had no idea that the certification in question was fraudulent, this claim is not supported by the evidence presented. The fact that the certificate in question did not even display the correct IRATA number of the respondent, indicates that he was fully aware that the document was fraudulent.

The forging of IRATA certification will not be tolerated and the Panel have therefore determined that a suspension for a period of 12 months shall serve as an appropriate sanction in the circumstances, after which time the respondent will be required to re-certify as a Level 1 technician, in accordance with the Training Assessment and Certification Scheme.”

The respondent appealed the original outcome, but his request was denied, due to insufficient grounds for an appeal.

We urge all technicians to seek assistance directly with IRATA in all matters related to document replacements.