Complaint Judgement - Dangerous Behaviour en


An IRATA Technician showed no consideration for the health and safety of his colleagues by acting in an extremely dangerous manner, which led to a serious incident on a work site.

The respondent made the decision to drop his kit bag from a height of approximately 25 meters in a brazen attempt to land it on the back of a utility vehicle in which he and his colleagues were travelling. Regrettably, the bag did not land on the tray of the utility vehicle, but on the cab in which four other rope access Technicians were sitting, waiting for the respondent to retrieve his kit. As a result of this act, one of the technicians sustained a back and neck injury.

The respondent admitted to his wrongdoing and was sanctioned accordingly.

The adjudicating panel made the following determination:

The compliance with worksite health and safety policies and procedures, in order to create and preserve a safe working environment, is a fundamental requirement of an IRATA rope access Technician. It must be stressed that IRATA Technicians must demonstrate an acute level of health and safety awareness at all times. It is considered too greater risk to the general public and colleagues for a certified IRATA Technician to have acted in such a negligent way and to then continue as a rope access Technician without a period of suspension, to reflect, and undertake additional refresher training. However, as the respondent was forthcoming in admitting his wrongdoing and co-operated throughout enquiries, the Panel have determined that the suspension of the respondent’s certification should be for a period of one year.

Following 1 year of suspension, the respondent’s reinstatement as an IRATA Technician is subject to his successful completion of an IRATA refresher training course. The respondent is also reminded that repeat of such offence will likely result in permanent certification withdrawal.