Complaint Judgement - Assessor Code of Conduct en


An IRATA Assessor used an email address depicting his association with IRATA to communicate, what the adjudicating panel termed as a “vulgar, threatening, abusive and racially toned email” to an international airline to complain about their services provided.

The airline contacted IRATA directly, believing he was an employee, to express their dismay at the offensive nature of their client’s complaint and provided information to support their claim.

The respondent admitted carrying out the alleged infringement and was sanctioned with immediate removal of his IRATA Assessor certification, indefinitely. The Adjudicating panel determined as follows:

The role of an Assessor is pivotal to the continued success of IRATA and the conduct and professionalism expected of this group is of the highest order, insofar that it is paramount that the Assessor’s Code of Conduct is adhered to at all times. It follows that the vulgar, threatening, abusive and racially toned email that the respondent sent to a subsidiary company of two large international airlines, to complain about the services he received, was totally abhorrent. Although the respondent was referencing a personal transaction, as he chose to do so using an email address depicting his association with ‘IRATA’, this has in fact tainted the reputation of our Association and led the complainant to file a grievance against IRATA.

In accordance with the above, we are left with no alternative but to withdraw his endorsement as an IRATA Assessor, with immediate effect, indefinitely.

The respondent appealed the original judgment. The appeal request was reviewed and rejected as there were insufficient grounds to review the case.