Complaint Judgement – Acting Beyond the Scope of IRATA Membership en


An IRATA Trainer member company was conducting rope access operations whilst not holding IRATA Operator membership. The Respondent admitted their wrongdoing, claiming: “the rope access work in question was undertaken as a one-off favor for a local community organization”. The Respondent confirmed that they would immediately cease operational work until they successfully obtained IRATA Operator membership. The Adjudicating Panel determined as follows:

‘The Respondent claimed that the rope access work carried out was undertaken on a one-time “pro bono” basis to assist a local company. The Respondent also admitted that they very occasionally entered into subcontracting agreements with other companies to provide operational rope access services. Although such claims were not supported by evidence, The Panel could only rely on the Respondent’s social media advertising, which offered IRATA rope access operational services, as evidence.

The Panel stressed that, as an IRATA Trainer member, the performance of rope access operational work is not permissible without having the required IRATA “Operator” membership and only IRATA certified Operator members are permitted to perform operational rope access contracts that require IRATA membership. However, as the Respondent was forthcoming in admitting their wrongdoing and cooperated with IRATA throughout their enquiries, the Panel determined that a warning shall serve as an appropriate sanction. The Respondent was warned that a repeat offence will be treated more severely.”


Training member companies performing rope access operational work scopes, without having the required IRATA Operator certification, is treated as a serious breach of IRATA policy. IRATA member companies are reminded to limit the scope of their rope access activities to their IRATA membership certification type.