Celebrating Our First Trainer Member Company in Latvia en


We are delighted to announce our first member company in Latvia, IQTC Management, who recently joined our Association.

The addition of IQTC Management will bring our member companies in the Eastern European RAC region to a total of 33 and will help to improve and promote safety awareness in industrial rope access throughout Eastern Europe.

We contacted IQTC Management Director, Irina Bausova, to ask her about IQTC’s experience of becoming an IRATA trainer member company.

Q. What were the main reasons for IQTC Management to become an IRATA member?

A. From the very start of establishing the company, one of the main objectives for IQTC Management was to become an IRATA member and to be able to provide industrial rope access training. The driving factor was to increase the general awareness about safe rope access work in Latvia. We care about our technicians’ safety and we stand for creation of a safe working environment and high safety standards. Moreover, we wanted to unite all possible courses from A-Z in the field of renewable energy, so that potential technicians, or technicians who have been working in the industry of renewable energy for many years, have access to all the necessary courses in one location.

Q. What are the main rope access industries in Latvia?

A. Rope access methods are currently used in Latvia predominantly to perform the following tasks:

  • Window and facades cleaning;
  • general roof cleaning, painting, maintenance and repair;
  • snow and ice clearance on of a variety of private and commercial properties, including industrial buildings, bunkers and hangars;
  • Changing drains, repairing tanks, changing roof coverings and cleaning docking systems from debris;
  • Installing advertising posters, banks and frames;
  • Tree surgery;
  • Installing ventilation and conditioning equipment.

Q. How did IQTC Management find the application process?

A. Integrating IRATA training into the range of programmes at our training centre was a lengthy process. However, we managed to build an impressive facility for practical classes, and conducted several internal audits before we believed we were ready to start the application process. Thanks to the IRATA team, who have patiently waited and helped us by answering all our questions, we have managed to go through the application and audit process successfully. Now, looking back, we must admit that the most time-consuming activity was the translation of all the necessary documentation.

Q. Has IQTC Management seen any benefits since becoming an IRATA Member?

A. It is still too early to tell what long-term benefits the training centre will gain, but so far it is worthwhile to mention, that the interest from industrial companies has increased significantly. Also, IQTC is becoming increasingly popular amongst the local technicians.

We would like to thank Irina Bausova, Aivis Sturis and Ilga Nikolajeva of IQTC for their feedback and extended welcome to IQTC Management, Latvia