Assessor Selection, Training and Certification Scheme (ASTACS) en


Independent and objective assessment of candidates, who have completed an IRATA rope access training course, is a fundamental part of the IRATA certification scheme. It is important that we set high standards when recruiting and training new Assessors to ensure that candidate’s rope access skills and knowledge are examined appropriately. ASTACS was designed to set out the criteria and skill sets required to be an IRATA Assessor and is open to all who meet that criteria.

As an expanding International organization, selection and training is regionalized and based on need analysis (number of assessments/number of locally based assessors). Those regions that have the highest ratio of assessments relative to Assessors are prioritized.

ASTACS is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge, practical skill level and application of the Training Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS). Candidates are required to demonstrate adeptness in providing objective opinion on a candidate’s knowledge of the TACS and to perform a practical demonstration of the required techniques. All Candidates are also required to successfully:

  • meet the pre-requisite requirements;
  • attend an interview;
  • pass an online exam;
  • pass a one day practical and theory skills assessment;
  • undergo 4-days’ training;
  • pass a 1-day assessment performing the role of an IRATA Assessor and;
  • complete a minimum of 3 successful shadow assessments with IRATA Assessors, under three different Assessors;

Our upcoming courses will be held in USA, Brazil and South-East Asia. If you would like to become an IRATA Assessor in the future, please lookout for head office communications inviting you to apply and keep reading the news section of the irata website.

The IRATA Training Manager, Ben Eke, would like to thank our Assessors who assisted with the Middle East and Australian courses, particularly Leigh Greenwood, who has traveled thousands of miles throughout the process.

Good luck!