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English1 - this is a link created by uploading the doc to Files > Document Library then adding a link (link button in the cms for managing the page) using the doc download page ( You need to create a doc library instance - as you do normally to get the doc into the categorised dropdown doc system- to be able to find out the download number replacing 22366 above).

Alternatively you can:

  1. Upload the file to the Files area into the document library
  2. On this or other pages create a link to the file using the insert link button above and using URL as (where eng1.pdf is the filename) i.e.

English1 using direct file link

see Teams for the html for this link


Adding a doc link like this bypasses the direct link protection on the site - I can’t exactly remember why this was requested - I think to stop other websites publishing direct links which look like they are prevented in any case - here is a test from another website:

If you change the language of the page to French you can see a similar link to another test pdf, which represents the French version of the doc on this page.