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A “Serious Incident” is an incident which falls into the following categories:

Fatality” - Death within one year as a result of an accident or illness from work.

Major Injury” - Injuries that meet criteria common to most European agencies and other countries and listed in IRATA reporting arrangements. Typically, ‘Major’ injuries would include, for example, broken major bones, any amputation, major dislocation, loss of eyesight and need for resuscitation. There is no associated criterion for ‘days off work’.

Over 7 Day Injury” - Not a ‘Major’ injury, but an injury requiring more than seven days away from work irrespective of the cause. ‘Serious’ is synonymous with ‘Over 7 Day Injury’.

Dear Member

Sadly, a member of our South Africa Regional Advisory Committee has reported the death of a Level 2 IRATA rope access technician, during their normal working operations. The incident happened in South Africa, on 21st October 2019, as a result of a fall from height. Preliminary investigations by the member and the local enforcing authorities are ongoing. Further information will be made available to the Association only when the investigation has been completed.

We take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased and all those affected.

Yours faithfully,

Rodney Marage
General Manager &
Co. Secretary