IRATA Examinations en

IRATA offer several online examinations as part of the assessment process. The range of online exams and their requirements can be found below, and in the relvent menu items above

Level 3 Technician Exam requirements

Level 3 Candidates shall undertake a Theory Examination consisting of 10 questions and be awarded one of the following outcomes for their Examination:

  • Greater than or equal to 70% - Pass
  • Greater than or equal to 50% but less than 70% - Minor Discrepancy
  • Less than 50% - Major Discrepancy

The Theory Examination will cover the following subjects:

a) hazard identification and risk assessment (see TACS clause 6.2.3);
b) selection of access method (see TACS clause 6.2.4);
c) selection of personnel and competence (see TACS clause 6.2.5);
d) safety method statement (see TACS clause 6.2.6);
e) exclusion zones, protection of third parties and permits to work (see TACS clause 6.2.7);
f) planning for emergencies (see TACS clause 6.2.8);
g) first aid and suspension intolerance (see TACS clause 6.2.9);
h) equipment (see TACS clause 6.3).

The Theory Examination and practical Assessment are conducted on the same calendar date and is invigilated by an IRATA Assessor.

If a Candidate’s primary language is not English, a translator may be used for the Assessment, provided the translator meets specified requirements.

Instructor Exam requirements

As per TACS 8.4.1:

Trainee Instructors must meet several criteria before they are eligible to apply for Instructor status:

  1. hold a current IRATA Level 3 certificate;
  2. hold a current relevant first aid certificate;
  3. have been witnessed to competently deliver all TACS syllabus items;
  4. have at least 400 hours total logged experience delivering IRATA training courses;
  5. successfully train (i.e. pass at assessment) at least 30 candidates including at least 6 candidates at each IRATA level;
  6. maintain an overall pass rate of at least 60% of candidates;
  7. attend at least one Instructor/ Assessor workshop per year;

Items c) to g) are recorded in the trainee Instructor logbook, see 8.5. for further guidance.

After submitting the logbook candidates must then complete and pass the online Instructor examination, see 8.6.