Acomodações da Avaliação

Accommodations are any modifications made to tests or testing conditions that allow students with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or limited English-language ability to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a testing situation. As standard, if English is not your first language you will be given an additional 50% of the time limit to complete your exam.

The accommodations that IRATA International can offer are as follows:

  • Extra time - 30 minutes
  • Extra time - additional 25%
  • Extra time - additional 50%
  • Extra time - additional 100%
  • Separate room
  • Separate room and reader
  • Separate room and recorder
  • Separate room & reader/recorder

If you think that you qualify for accommodations, then please contact [email protected] before booking your exam, so IRATA International can look into your request, and if necessary take the required action.