IRATA Logbook Signatures en


As a reminder, technicians that are not always able to obtain signatures from an IRATA level 3 should have their hours signed by a person in authority who can verify that the hours are accurate and have been completed on a double rope system. The person approving the hours logged should print their name, position and leave a contact telephone number.

If this is done retrospectively, an official letter from an employing company verifying multiple entries is also acceptable.

Examples of people who may sign logbooks are:

• Rope access supervisor from other systems e.g. Soft L4 or Sprat L3, ARAA L2/L3 - (If unsure contact the local RAC for advice);

• Rope access project manager or company managing director.

NOTE: Rope access Technicians wishing to upgrade who are unable to provide Level 3 signatures should contact an IRATA training member company prior to booking on a course.

When faced with logbooks containing non IRATA L3 signed hours, training companies and IRATA Assessors will be vigilant regarding the validity of these hours. In such cases, in order to better evaluate the candidate’s rope access experience, Assessors will evaluate the candidate’s previous workplace knowledge.

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