New IRATA member company in Saudi Arabia en


We are delighted to announce a new member company in Saudi Arabia, Winclex Rope Access Solutions, who recently joined our Association.

We contacted Winclex’s Business Development Manager, Hany Karamany, to ask about the experience of becoming an IRATA trainer member company.

  1. What were the main reasons for Winclex to become an IRATA member?
    Winclex Rope Access Solutions was established in 2013 as one of the first industrial rope access operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Back then rope access was new, but Winclex chose to follow high standards as part of its responsibility toward the industry and the region we operate in. Therefore, we decided to become part of the IRATA community in order to become accredited and meet the highest global industry standards.

  2. What are the main rope access industries in Saudi Arabia?
    Since 2013, Winclex has been providing a wide range of services such as façade cleaning, rescue, netting, light installation, and more.

    In 2019, Winclex decided to expand to the oil and gas, petrochemical, shipping and offshore industries. With this market development strategy, we added new services to our portfolio: inspection, painting and blasting, repair, welding, and mechanical maintenance.

  3. How did Winclex find the application process?
    Although we faced some challenges because of COVID-19, the IRATA membership services team was very supportive, patient, and helpful which made the process very clear, organised and easy to follow.

  4. Has Winclex seen any benefits since becoming an IRATA member?
    IRATA membership provides us with credibility during the contracting stages; it gives our customers confidence that we follow best practice which offers a strong competitive advantage.

    It makes our team more confident as they believe in the company’s rope access safety standards.

  5. Which countries does Winclex provide services in?
    Currently, Winclex is operating in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and very soon will be expanding new branches to the MENA region.

We would like to thank Hany Karamany for providing feedback and an extended welcome to Winclex Rope Access Solutions.