Our Cookies

HTTP cookies are small bits of data set by a website or app and stored on the user’s computer while the user is browsing. This website uses a number of cookies to help create a better user experience, both for guests and logged in members.

Determines whether the user’s username is displayed in the list of currently logged in members. Expiration: 1 year, Type: Functionality

A security cookie used to identify the user and prevent Cross Site Request Forgery attacks. Expiration: 2 hours Type: Strictly Necessary

Records the time of the last page load. Used in conjunction with the last_visit cookie. Expiration: 1 year Type: Strictly Necessary

Date of the user’s last visit. Expiration: 1 year Type: Strictly Necessary

Remembers that you have given consent to receive cookies. Expiration: 1 month Type: Strictly Necessary

Session id, used to associate a logged in user with their data. Expiration: Expiration: 1-2 hours Type: Strictly Necessary

Contains the last 5 pages viewed, encrypted for security. Typically used for form or error message returns. Expiration: Session Type: Strictly Necessary

Saves responses to Consent requests for non-logged in visitors Expiration: 1 year Type: Strictly Necessary

AdButler Cookies - adbc, ab_lead#
If you click on an advertising banner at the foot of the page AdButler will create non-personally identifiable information cookies for conversion tracking and to prevent the same ad from being delivered to a given person too many times. You can replace these with a single opt-out cookie here. Expiration: 6 months Type: Frequency Capping & Conversion Tracking