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Normec ISEC BV


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ISEC - Industrial Safety & Emergency Consult bvba is a training provider for industrial and renewable safety & emergency related trainings.

The ISEC Training Plant, located in Melsele (near the port of Antwerp) is continuously investing to provide up-to-date possibilities in Industrial firefighting (3 separate fire grounds) - Hazmat - Confined Space entry and rescue - Working at Heights and Rescue - IRATA - Boat landing - Sea survival - ...

ISEC is a recognized IRATA training center. A dedicated IRATA infrastructure, both in- and outdoors, provides all necessary challenges to train Level 1, 2, 3 maneuvers under supervision of a highly experienced Level3 Instructor.

We provide trainings in Dutch, English, French.

ISEC is ISO9001:2015 certified .


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Technical Authority

Thimo De Nie

Regional Advisory Committee