Instructor Exam - Exam Requirements en

As per TACS 8.4.1:

Trainee Instructors must meet several criteria before they are eligible to apply for Instructor status:

  1. hold a current IRATA Level 3 certificate;
  2. hold a current relevant first aid certificate;
  3. have been witnessed to competently deliver all TACS syllabus items;
  4. have at least 400 hours total logged experience delivering IRATA training courses;
  5. successfully train (i.e. pass at assessment) at least 30 candidates including at least 6 candidates at each IRATA level;
  6. maintain an overall pass rate of at least 60% of candidates;
  7. attend at least one Instructor/ Assessor workshop per year;

Items c) to g) are recorded in the trainee Instructor logbook, see 8.5. for further guidance.

After submitting the logbook candidates must then complete and pass the online Instructor examination, see 8.6.