IRATA Certificate Extension Application

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Grounds for Extension

If your assessment/training course was cancelled, please provide the:

Supporting Information

Please upload a copy of your logbook pages that include the:

If sufficient evidence is not uploaded, this may result in your application being delayed or rejected.

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Disclaimer and Liability Release

Please read the Terms and Conditions for Certificate Extension prior to submitting this form. This is an important document – please read it carefully before submission as you are accepting sole responsibility for your own health and medical condition and absolving IRATA from any liability that arises as a consequence of Certification Extension.

IRATA Terms and Conditions for Certificate Extension

Certification Requirements

IRATA will review the extension period and reserves the right to retract or further extend the certification period as deemed appropriate. Extension to certification shall not be granted until IRATA has successfully fulfilled all its verification activities.

IRATA reserves the right to withdraw certificate extension when it deems appropriate to do so.

IRATA Policy and Procedure

Certified IRATA rope access technicians, including those granted certificate extension, agree to abide by IRATA policy and procedures and remain subject to the original Terms and Conditions of Assessment.

Supporting Evidence

IRATA Logbook evidence must be provided to support the application for certification extension. The original logbook and identification documents must be available for inspection upon request by IRATA. Identification shall include the applicant’s, photographic ID, name, address, date of birth and preferably be government issued.

Complaints and Appeals

IRATA reserves the right to refuse certificate extension. Applicants have the right to appeal certification decisions via the IRATA complaints process as detailed on

IRATA retains the right to refuse certificate extension to those currently under investigation of a complaint, where it deems there may be a significant risk to health and safety to self or others.

Certification Suspension or Withdrawal

IRATA retains the right to suspend or withdraw certification, including extended certification, in line with current policy and procedures. IRATA certificates, ID cards and logbooks remain the property of IRATA and shall be returned upon request if certification is suspended or withdrawn. All Applicants and IRATA technicians are required to comply with an investigation related to a complaint, appeal or incident if requested to do so. Failure to respond or resolve issues in the specified timeframe may result in suspension or withdrawal of the certification. In the event of suspension or withdrawal of certification, the subject shall refrain from further promotion of the certification and desist use of all references to an IRATA certified status.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

By submitting the ‘IRATA Certificate Extension Application’, applicants agree, for the period of extension and for the full term of their IRATA certification that:

  1. personal data will be collected upon application for IRATA certification and that personal data will be used by IRATA for the purpose of administering the certification scheme. Data will be entered onto a secure database accessible via a website by IRATA Member companies who may view a technician’s contact details, history of assessments, identification details and photograph in order to renew, upgrade or verify IRATA certification;
  2. the applicant contact details will be used to provide relevant updates to IRATA policy, procedures or the certification scheme;
  3. personal data will be processed fairly and lawfully in adherence with UK data protection laws and that reasonable and appropriate measures are taken by IRATA to ensure that personal data is protected from unauthorised access or modification, unlawful destruction and improper use;
  4. the information supplied may be used by third parties to verify whether you hold valid rope access certification and the scope of that certification. IRATA may use the information supplied to keep you informed about changes to the certification requirements or other matters directly related to rope access. IRATA will not use your information for third party marketing purposes.


By submitting the ‘IRATA Certificate Extension Application’, applicants agree, for the period of extension and for the full term of their IRATA certification:

  1. to comply with the relevant provisions of the IRATA Training Assessment and Certification Scheme (available at;
  2. to supply all personal information required for certification activities;
  3. that, to the best of their knowledge, the information provided in the IRATA Certificate Extension Application is true and accurate and that if any declaration or warranty in such statement becomes untrue, will immediately inform IRATA;
  4. not to use the certification in such a manner as to bring IRATA into disrepute, and not make any statement regarding the certification which IRATA considers misleading or unauthorised;
  5. to discontinue the use of IRATA certification, or make claims of having valid IRATA certification, upon suspension or withdrawal of that certification, and to return certificates, logbooks or ID cards issued by IRATA upon suspension or withdrawal;
  6. to be subject to the terms of the IRATA complaint and appeal procedure and to the IRATA standard penalties (available at;
  7. that applicant personal data shall be used by IRATA in accordance with the provisions set out in ‘Data Protection and Confidentiality’ (above);
  8. that they are not knowingly incapable of engaging in rope access activities, and that such activities would not be detrimental to their health, wellbeing or physical condition or to others who may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  9. I do not have confirmed COVID-19, nor do I suspect that I have COVID-19;
  10. I will advise IRATA should my health or vulnerability to injury change and immediately cease rope access activities unless approved to do so by a medical doctor;
  11. I certify that I have been impacted by one of the Grounds for Extension in relation to COVID-19 and request that an extension to my certification is granted;
  12. on behalf of myself and my estate, I irrevocably release IRATA International and their personnel from any and all liabilities, claims, demands and expenses including legal fees arising from or in connection with my undertaking rope access activities or rope access related activities whilst granted an IRATA certification extension;
  13. (save where IRATA International cannot exclude their liability by law), I accept that this Disclaimer and Liability release remains legally binding even if the warranties and declaration given by me are untrue and I accept the risks involved in undertaking rope access and rope access related activities.

Risk and Disclaimer of Liability

By submitting this declaration, I warrant and acknowledge that I have read and understood the ‘IRATA Terms and Conditions of Certificate Extension’ and agree to abide with the contents therein.