Rope Access for inspection, testing and maintenance of industrial structures en


An article by IRATA on ‘Rope Access for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Industrial Structures’ has been published in the December issue of the Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings (JPCL).

JPCL is a monthly technical journal dedicated to the world of high-performance coatings used in the protection and preservation of steel and concrete in industrial and marine structures. With a global reach of over 17,500 readers, the monthly journal provides non-biased information on new technology and good practice in the use of high-performance, anti-corrosion coatings and linings for steel and concrete structures, including bridges, ships, oil and gas facilities, offshore platforms, power generation facilities, water storage and treatment, wastewater treatment, pipelines, railcars, and every type of industrial plant.

IRATA’s article in the December issue presents an overview of industrial rope access as a strategic choice for decision-makers across a range of industry sectors, highlighting safety and regulation considerations and the benefits of selecting a regulated, certified rope access company.

The current digital issue of the journal may be accessed online via: Printed copies of the journal may be ordered online and a free 3-month subscription trial is available here.

Credit and our sincerest thanks go to our all members who provided a range of high-quality images for JPCL’s consideration for publication within this article. On this occasion, images were selected from Height Specialists, C2 Crane Inspection Services, Skylotec GmbH and Mira Rope Access.

The photo above features non-destructive testing conducted by an IRATA certified rope access technician in Izmir, Turkey. Credit: MIRA Rope Access ©