Reporting Issues with Rope Access Equipment en


IRATA is not an investigating authority. However, as stated in our Bye-laws, we seek to ‘provide a forum for the free and informal exchange of information ’. IRATA member companies must report all accidents and incidents to IRATA within seven days of the event. If an accident is ‘Over-7-days’ (i.e. injury results in 7-days or more away from work) it must be reported to IRATA immediately thereafter.

IRATA members are also expected to report their concerns regarding potential issues with rope access equipment. These measures enable an exchange of crucial information that serves the best interest of all members, with the purpose of protecting our health and safety.

If an IRATA member has a ‘Dangerous Occurrence’ (any event where no injury occurred, but may have caused injury or death), it must also be reported to IRATA as soon as practicable, but within 7 days.

Note: A dangerous occurrence is defined as: ‘Any event where no injury occurred, but which may have caused injury or death’. This includes equipment malfunctions, including rope access items.

What should a member company do, if it experiences an issue with an item of rope access equipment?

If a member company experiences defect in, or the malfunctioning of, an item of rope access equipment, they should report it promptly, as a dangerous occurrence, to IRATA using Form 021 ‘IRATA Incident Record’.

The member company should:

  1. advise the relevant manufacturer and/or distributor in writing, providing as much detail as possible;
  2. be active in seeking written advice from the manufacturer and/or distributor in question; and
  3. send any subsequent correspondence and/or information to IRATA at: [email protected].

What will IRATA Secretariat do?

IRATA Secretariat may contact a manufacturer and/or distributor to offer assistance in distributing any substantiated information to the rope access community (or to ask whether it could be of assistance in any other way).