Instructor Examination en


The examination to take trainee Instructor to full Instructor status, has been extended from 45 minutes to 4 hours – the exam will remain a multiple choice, closed book test.

On completion of the trainee Instructor logbook, trainee Instructors can apply for Instructor status by completing IRATA form 067, Application to become an IRATA Instructor, returning it to the IRATA office along with a copy of the completed Trainee Instructor logbook. A registration fee will be charged in line with the published IRATA price list.

If satisfied with the logbook, IRATA will provide the Trainee Instructor with instructions to complete an online examination, whereby they will be tested on knowledge of the TACS to verify that they have an understanding of the scheme process requirements.

On successful completion of this online examination the Trainee Instructor will be awarded Instructor status.