Safety Awareness Video - Management and Safety Culture en

We are pleased to present this short film production (video) which is a follow up to our ‘Edge and Rope Management’ safety video. The video is titled ‘Management and Safety Culture’ and shows the investigation into the managerial and supervisory aspects of the events that led to the incident portrayed in the first video.


Please note that the video within the member’s area of our website is downloadable HERE, so that it can be viewed without internet access. We strongly recommend that this video is shown to the relevant person(s) within your organisation, as soon as possible.

To accompany this video, we have produced a briefing note for the benefit of rope access company owners, managers and supervisors. It should be used to reflect on the consequences of what may go wrong when work is not well planned. Appropriate action should be taken within your organisation to avoid the clear errors identified in this series of videos. The briefing note is available to IRATA member companies within the members area of our website HERE.

Our safety awareness videos, together with this briefing note, should be used as a prompt to all those involved in the planning and management of rope access operations to review the way they undertake their role.