Assessor Declaration - Terms en

By agreeing to the following terms, you confirm that you have completed, with accurate information, and submitted to IRATA International Head Office your completed Assessor Declaration [FM-027ENG]

IRATA Policy and Procedure

IRATA Assessors agree to abide by IRATA International (hereinafter referred to IRATA) policy and procedures, including the IRATA Bye-Laws [QP-103ENG], Codes of Conduct and the IRATA Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme [TC-101ENG], all of which are available at


IRATA Assessors must not disclose confidential information acquired through the course of their assessment activities, to any third party other than the directors or employees of IRATA and must not directly or indirectly use, exploit or disclose the confidential information for their own purposes or those of any other third party. Furthermore, IRATA Assessors must:

  • Be prudent in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of their duties;
  • not use information for any personal benefit or in any manner that would be contrary to applicable law related to the protection of personal data or be detrimental to the legitimate and ethical objectives of IRATA;
  • not approach the staff of the company providing candidates for assessment, nor the candidates themselves for recruitment purposes.

Quality of Service

IRATA seeks to continuously improve upon and provide a high-quality service and as such, the performance of IRATA Assessors will be monitored by data analysis, audit and survey.


IRATA Assessors must inform IRATA, without delay, in case of the following:

  • Change of address or contact details (contact number, email address);
  • any medical condition, or change of circumstance, that may affect their ability to perform their duties to the required standard.

NOTE: To continue as an IRATA Assessor you must have completed 20 assessments at various levels and have attended at least one Assessor/ Instructor workshop between 1st April and 31st March.